The Schäches originated in Silesia (German: Schlesien) which is today located in the west of Poland, but in the 18th century was part of the Prussian Empire.  Silesia consisted of both German and Polish ethnic groups.  The Schäches were German.

The Schäches were living near Grosstinz, in Silesia, by the mid 18th century, but may have emigrated there from Switzerland at about this time.

Johann Friedrich Schäche lived in Koiskau, near Grosstinz, and in 1819 his son Carl Gottlob, married Maria Rosina Vogel, of Grosstinz.

In 1848 Carl, Maria and their children left Silesia for the distant British colony of South Australia.  In 1849 their names are recorded in the Langmeil Lutheran Church register, in the Barossa Valley.

Carl and Maria’s descendants have now spread through-out Australia. Many having changed the spelling of their name to either Schaeche or more commonly Schache.

Schaeche Biographies
Maria Rosina Schaeche, married Carl Hetzel
Carl Gottlob Schaeche, father of Maria Rosina
Johann Friedrich Schaeche, father of Carl Gottlob Schaeche
The Schaeche/Schache name Historical Background
Family Tree BLOG
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My Family History Trails
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updated: February 2015



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